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You are the reason we do what we do.

How you helped Jen & Tonic become a reality.

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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our self care tools knows that they are getting a soul-soothing experience worthy of a goddess.

-Jennie Koeper
Founder, Jen & Tonic

Before I launched Jen & Tonic, I worked for a local brewery, supplying local bars and restaurants with fresh craft beer. I loved my job. Because of the years I spent dedicated to craft beer, I discovered that I have a very sensitive palate. Too much perfume or artificial fragrance causes an instant migraine.

Then one day…

I went camping on the shores of Lake Erie with some friends. I have been allergic to mosquito bites my entire life. If it was available on the market, I bought it and used it that weekend. I tried all the DEET and all the “natural” alternatives. I came home with over 100 mosquito bites on one ankle. There were just as many on the other ankle. Yes, I counted them. I experienced a severe allergic reaction to the bites, and I eventually scratched them raw. Let’s face it, my legs were hideous.

I knew I needed something that would be effective in not only keeping mosquitoes away, but also wouldn’t be harmful to me or Mother Earth. I started researching various herbs and natural alternatives to DEET. I knew I could make something that actually worked and wouldn’t be harmful to the environment.

I was concerned that I was the only one experiencing these severe mosquito bite allergies.

But then…

I encountered several other people within my circle who were also allergic to mosquitoes. So I set out to create the most effective, all-natural tonics, potions, and elixirs for the most discerning, nature-minded people on the planet. It turns out, that was a bit more difficult than I expected.

I have lived a life filled with trauma, grief, and abuse in many forms. Healing from those formative setbacks has happened only after I embraced mindfulness and took a proactive approach to my own mental health. I met my wonderful partner in 2010, and he and my son have greatly supported every endeavor I have undertaken.

At last…

Once we moved into our current house, I had the space both physically and emotionally to start making insect repellent. Other products quickly followed suit. I was worried that no one would like the products and I feared my friends would be my only customers. Through it all, we released our first products, have recently released our first product collection, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, receiving pure love from everyone who has tried them.