The Lughnasadh mini collection features grapefruit and basil. With middle notes of bergamot and clary sage, this natural fragrance blend also has woodsy and resinous base notes. The blend of citrus and herbal notes smells like a kitchen window herb garden as it sits in the summer sun.

Lughnasadh, or alternatively known as Lammas, is the first harvest festival of the year. It is pronounced Loog-na-sahd most of the time. Lughnasadh is the first harvest festival of summer, a Celtic celebration of the earth’s bounty and is the fifth mini collection celebrating the Wheel of the Year. Celebrated on August 1, it serves as the halfway point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox.

This collection features the following products:
-body oil
-body butter
-room spray
-shower melts

All Jen & Tonic products are made with organic ingredients. This entire mini collection is plant-based and vegan. We take great pride in sustainably and responsibly sourcing our ingredients. Our products are simple, effective, and natural, with no artificial fragrances, colors, or preservatives. We make scratch-made bath and beauty products so that you can feel confident in your routine. As such, our products are the freshest bath and beauty products available. We are proudly based in Columbus, Ohio, in our beloved neighborhood of Clintonville.

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  • lughnasadh-shower-steamers

    Lughnasadh Shower Melts

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  • grapefruit-candle

    Lughnasadh Grapefruit Candle

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  • pink-grapefruit-body-lotion

    Lughnasadh Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion

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  • grapefruit-room-spray

    Lughnasadh Grapefruit Room Spray

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  • natural-bath-bombs

    Lughnasadh natural bath bombs

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  • grapefruit-body-wash

    Lughnasadh grapefruit body wash

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  • luxury-bath-salts

    Lughnasadh Luxury Bath Salts

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  • lughnasadh-organic-body-oil

    Lughnasadh Pink Grapefruit Organic Body Oil

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