Samhain Traditions

Samhain is the Celtic word for Halloween, and is a celebration of the coming winter. Celebrated by Pagans, Wiccans, witches, and others around the world, it is a time for celebrating the thinning of the veil between the worlds and honoring those who have gone before us. Many celebrations call for a ritual bath, and we are here to provide the most authentic additions to your ritual bath. For the Samhain Traditions collection, we wanted to evoke a theme of Dark Forest Witch to give that mysterious, otherworldly vibe to the products in this collection.

Samhain is often celebrated by rituals to communicate with those who have gone before us. Many people host a “dumb supper” to honor the dead, where places at the table are set for those who have passed over, and dinner is consumed in silence. Divination is a common practice on this evening, as well as bonfires and communicating with the dead.

Traditional foods of Samhain include turnips, pumpkins, corn, squash, and nuts. Because Samhain coincides with Halloween and trick-or-treat often in the US, quick suppers are often required for busy parents and witches. I like to make pumpkin ravioli in a brown butter and sage sauce for a quick and easy dinner before answering the door to fun-loving ghosts and goblins.

Samhain is also the perfect time for a ritual bath to prepare for the evening’s festivities, and the Samhain Traditions Collection provides everything for your perfect Samhain ritual.

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    Samhain Traditions Organic Bath Salts

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    Samhain Traditions Halloween Candle

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    Samhain Traditions Organic Body Butter

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    Samhain Traditions Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

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    Samhain Traditions Room Fragrance

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    Samhain Traditions Halloween Bath Bombs

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    Samhain Traditions Aromatherapy Oil

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