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Curlboss Curl Defining Cream -
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Hydrate your beautiful curls with this curl defining cream

Be the boss of your curls on even the most humid day with Curlboss Curl Defining Cream. This natural curl cream leaves your hair in soft, bouncy ringlets all day long, but it is also effective on wavy and straight hair. It provides hydration, protection from heat styling, and light control so that you have perfect curls all day long. Shea butter gives your hair superior hydration, while coconut and castor oils promote healthy hair and hair growth. If applied while your hair is still damp, your hair will become stronger over time. Plus, our experts designed a rosemary mint natural scent so it smells divine. And because it is made by Jen & Tonic, you can rest assured that this is a safe and effective lightweight curl cream that is made from high-quality organic ingredients. Show your curls exactly who is in charge with Curlboss.

Customers are raving!

Love it!! My hair feels soft, not oily. My curls loved it. Shipped very quickly, too! 🙂

Mary, Arizona

Five stars!

Lauren, California

Fragrance profile: minty, herbal

Fragrance strength: mild to medium

How much to use: less than a fingertip full, even for super thick, long hair

How often to use: daily

When to use: after shampooing, when hair is still damp

How to use: soften product between your hands and run through damp hair, applying evenly. Dry and style as usual.

Vegan: yes

Zero waste option: recycle after use

Packaging: 2 oz tin

Every ingredient has a purpose

  • Shea butter provides deep hydrating moisture without weighing down your beard
  • Coconut oil may help your hair grow
  • Castor oil adds a nice sheen to your beard and may promote hair growth
  • Aloe vera keeps your facial hair super soft
  • Sunflower seed oil helps extract all the goodness of the herbs
  • Rosemary may promote hair growth, stimulate the follicles, and leaves your hair lustrous
  • Lavender may promote hair growth and prevent breakage and calm the scalp
  • Peppermint may promote hair growth and provides a stimulating scent
  • Spearmint boosts the minty-ness of the peppermint, plus it may stimulate hair growth
  • Eucalyptus may stimulate hair follicles and improve hair health

Pairs well with:

Smashing the patriarchy, a Czech pilsener, and dry shampooo (coming soon). 

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in

2 reviews for Curlboss Curl Defining Cream

  1. Amanda Baker (verified owner)

    Bought this for my daughter

  2. Lori (verified owner)

    I love the creaminess of this product. It’s not sticky or goopy feeling.

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