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Lughnasadh Pink Grapefruit Organic Body Oil -
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Lughnasadh Organic Body Oil

An organic body oil that smells just like summer should smell

Lughnasadh Organic Body Oil makes a perfect addition to your Lughnasadh or Lammas ritual. This versatile oil has so many uses, more than just a fantastic ritual anointing oil. Use it as a bath oil, as cuticle oil, massage oil, perfume oil, etc. Let us know what your favorite use is! 

This essential oil blend comes with both a roller ball and a reducer for various applications. It is designed to absorb quickly into the skin without leaving your skin feeling greasy. In addition, it contains sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil for deep hydration, and meadowfoam seed oil that acts as a barrier to lock in that moisture. Furthermore, it will not clog your pores and is safe for all skin types. And perhaps the best news? Every component in this hydrating body oil has been shown to mitigate stress and anxiety.

Because this oil contains pink grapefruit essential oil, it may cause photosensitivity in some people. Consult a medical professional to see if this oil is contraindicated by certain medications you may be taking. This oil has a generally safe 2% dilution in carrier oils. 

Fragrance profile: citrusy and herbal

Fragrance strength: moderate

How much to use: a few drops should suit most purposes

How often to use: as desired

When to use: for best hydration, immediately after a bath or shower

How to use: pour into bath water, use the roller applicator to roll on wrists or temples, use the reducer to use as massage oil

Vegan: yes

Zero waste option: email us to inquire about refills

Packaging: 30 mL clear glass vial with a roll-on applicator and a bonus reducer.

Every ingredient has a purpose

  • Sunflower seed oil provides deep hydration and massages nicely into skin
  • Meadowfoam seed oil forms a moisture barrier to lock in hydration
  • Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural sebum, so that it does not ever feel greasy or oily
  • Grapefruit essential oil provides the perfect fresh scent of summer
  • Bergamot essential oil is traditionally associated with Lughnasadh
  • Sweet basil essential oil is closely associated with Lughnasadh
  • Clary sage essential oil is the perfect natural fragrance for summer
  • Cedar essential oil is another traditional Lughnasadh correspondence
  • Vetiver essential oil is also associated with Lughnasadh and provides a wonderful base note

Pairs well with:

A swanky garden party, a grapefruit and basil martini, and our Lughnasadh body butter.

Let's get social!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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