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Passionate Beltane Romantic Bath Bomb


Light your inner fire with this romantic bath bomb


Passionate Beltane Romantic Bath Bomb

Light your inner fire with this romantic bath bomb

Ignite your inner passion with this romantic bath bomb. Made from all natural, organic ingredients, this bath bomb brings a touch of romance and allure to your Beltane ritual bath. Weighing in at over 11 ounces and measuring 3.35″ in diameter, this bath bomb is large enough to satisfy even most discerning size queen. In addition, this bath bomb contains actual ginger, which is thought to provide some moderate relief to stiff, achy joints and muscles.

For external use only. Store in a cool, dry area. This bath bomb is vegan and is made from sustainably sourced, organic ingredients. It contains no artificial colors or fragrances, no preservatives, and no synthetic materials. 

Fragrance profile: spicy floral

Fragrance strength: mild

How much to use: one bomb

How often to use: as desired

When to use: when you are running your bath water

How to use: just drop it in your bath. The warmer the water, the more it will fizz.

Vegan: yes

Zero waste option: recycle the foil and cardboard that it is packaged in

Packaging: Each bath bomb is wrapped in foil, then packed in its own 4x4x4″ gift box for additional padding during transit.

Every ingredient has a purpose

  • Sodium bicarbonate helps balance your pH as well as provides a fun chemical reaction
  • Citric acid makes the bath bomb fizz
  • Epsom salts help alleviate any aches and hydrate your skin
  • Non-GMO corn starch makes the bath bomb (and your skin) silky smooth
  • Jojoba oil mimics the sebum in your skin without making your bath too slippery
  • Sunflower seed oil is a great carrier oil for infusing flowers and herbs. It also feels great on your skin
  • Hibiscus flowers make the bath bomb extra pretty, and give it a sultry, seductive scent
  • Roses are the flower of love
  • Elderberries provide a dark berry note that is unmistakable 
  • Ginger provides the perfect spicy note to this blend

Pairs well with:

A steamy novel, some sparkling wine, and the Passionate Beltane Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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