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Yule Tree Organic Bath Salt

Level up your Yule ritual with this organic bath salt

Yule Tree organic bath soak is here to help with your holiday ritual bath. With epsom salts and pink Himalayan salt to deeply nourish your skin, these bath salts are designed to help you celebrate the winter solstice and evoke a clearing in the forest at midnight on the winter solstice. We ground the herbs in this by hand to add in some extra magic.

To use, simply pour some of these bath salts into warm bath water. Please recycle the jar after use or contact us to inquire about a refill. Jen & Tonic uses only the highest quality, organic ingredients we can source. We never use anything artificial or synthetic, as we prefer to let the plants tell their story.

Fragrance profile: woodsy, cold

Fragrance strength: moderate

How much to use: as much as you need to feel the holiday spirit

How often to use: weekly or as desired

When to use: during your Yule ritual bath

How to use: pour contents into warm bath water

Vegan: yes

Zero waste option: email us to inquire about a refill

Packaging: 4 oz amber glass jar

Every ingredient has a purpose

  • Epsom salts soften the skin and may relieve aching muscles
  • Pink Himalayan salt softens the bath water and is a beautiful cleansing material
  • Pine needles are a signature herb of Yule
  • Juniper berries add interest and beauty to the blend
  • Rosemary leaves are traditionally associated with Yule
  • Bay leaves are also associated with Yule
  • Cedar tips add some coniferous fun and are associated with Yule
  • Peppermint leaves add in a bit of a cold vibe and are refreshing in a bath
  • Scotch pine essential oil provides the perfect note for Yule
  • Juniper essential oil adds a different piney note and is associate with Yule
  • Rosemary essential oil adds a deeper, woodsy note and is associate with Yule
  • Bay essential oil adds a bit of astringency to the blend and is associated with Yule
  • Cedarwood essential oil adds a fruity wood note and is associate with Yule
  • Peppermint essential oil adds a cold note to the blend

Pairs well with:

Soaking away the stress of the holidays, a pomegranate martini, and our Yule Tree body oil.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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