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Yule Tree Shower Routine -
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Yule Tree Shower Routine

Put some holiday cheer into your shower routine

Yule Tree Shower Routine turns your bathroom into a luxury spa. Made to release the cool, refreshing natural fragrance blend of the Yule Tree collection which evokes midnight on the winter solstice in the forest, these shower melts are perfect for when you cannot take a ritual bath, for whatever reason.

To use, simply place a shower melt on the floor of your shower. Turn on the water, and let the aroma deliver deep relaxation. If the shower steamer is not fully consumed after your shower, you can leave it on the floor for your next shower time treat. These shower bombs may last longer than one shower. Store in a cool, dry place, ideally in their tissue paper packaging, until ready to use. Use quickly to ensure the freshest fragrance. These shower steamers are most effective when they are placed partially in the water stream.

These shower tablets are sold as a set of 3. They arrive in their own box, individually wrapped in foil and nestled in tissue paper. Please recycle the foil, tissue paper, and box after use.

Fragrance profile: woodsy, cold

Fragrance strength: medium

How much to use: 1 tablet

How often to use: 1 per shower

When to use: whenever you shower

How to use: unwrap and place a tablet on your shower floor

Vegan: yes

Zero waste: recycle the foil, tissue paper, and box after use

Packaging: each tablet is individually wrapped in foil, then 3 tablets are nestled in tissue paper inside a gift box.

Every ingredient has a purpose

  • Aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate is makes a great reaction and cleans your shower floor
  • Citric acid makes it fizz 
  • Witch hazel binds the ingredients together
  • Scotch pine essential oil provides the perfect note for Yule
  • Juniper essential oil adds a different piney note and is associate with Yule
  • Rosemary essential oil adds a deeper, woodsy note and is associate with Yule
  • Bay essential oil adds a bit of astringency to the blend and is associated with Yule
  • Cedarwood essential oil adds a fruity wood note and is associate with Yule
  • Peppermint essential oil adds a cold note to the blend

Pairs well with:

Burning the Yule log, a glass of bubbly, and our Yule Tree room spray

Let's get social!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in

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